Saturday, April 06, 2013

Life in the Schoolhouse

If I was to examine my blog archives (which go back to 2005, so I won't), I wonder if there would be a blogging break every year around late winter and early spring.

So the schoolhouse still has two kids.  And a mom and a dad.  And the dog! The sick kid is still sick, but things are looking up.  A little, maybe.  Spirits are up, anyway.

We are still homeschooling.  I saw a great quote on Bravewriter's Facebook page the other day:

In the fall, it's classical education.
In the winter, Charlotte Mason.
By spring, it's all unschooling.


As usual around this time of year, I'm panicking about the homeschool evaluation and portfolio.  As usual, we haven't produced much this year.  We didn't even do a project, like our Voyager's Stone map or the Leafcutter Ant display.   But we'll manage; we always do.

In other news, I finally got semi-mobile by getting a Kindle Fire for my birthday.  I still don't have a smartphone but that will be coming.  My old phone, which is my husband's old phone, was once a hot commodity:  a Motorola RAZR.  Yeah.  Some guy standing in line behind me at a doctor's office the other day expressed his amazement that I was still using such an old phone.  Well, it works! Every time I use it!

I'm really itching to start blogging with photos.  There are technical reasons I don't, and they go beyond "middle-aged mom can't figure out this new-fangled gadget."    My daughter is taking some great photos lately; she is following a talented aunt in this way.   And dreaming of a DSLR camera which is way out of everyone's budget right now.   But her babysitting business is picking up!   

Spring is here, and though that means the hot, humid, hated summer is coming, it's hard not to be optimistic, content, and even happy. 

Doesn't it seem like a photo of just-about-to-bloom daffodils should go here? Hm... I think we have some in the back yard....