Wednesday, November 30, 2005

11/18 - 30

Longer break than I thought. This is not as easy as I thought it would be - keeping this up.

Daily we have kept up our Bible (with TableTalk) and added in catechism. Also reading ACTS using Victor Journey Through the Bible.

CA daily.

Started routine which looks like this:


Bible, Catechism, CA

Maps, Charts and Graphs (J)

Math U See, Math Detective (J), Math Daily Warmups (J)

Reading, English from the Roots Up



Explode the Code
Editor in Chief (J)


Spelling Test
Spectrum Test Prep (J)

We are on ch 31 of SOTW and reading To The Edge Of The World, about Magellan.
Chapter 10 of MUS - adding 8s

Science - we are now in unschooling mode on geology as I've realized we've read so much about just about all the topics. Contining to read "earth science" and will start chemistry in January. Plan to have more structure to that.

Everyone is progressing in reading, with Eleanor just about overtaking James in skill. But he is getting better and his comprehension is improving. He read The Gingerbread Baby to E the other day and as she said "I only had to help him with one word!"

RA is Nightbirds on Nantucket by J. Aiken

Sunday, November 13, 2005

11/11 - 13

Bible, Catechism, CA

History Pockets

J - MCG Fri and Sat

Math Detective

RA: A Long and Uncertain Journey - J E Goodman (V deGama)
Began Eric Liddel - Something Greater than Gold

Thursday, November 10, 2005

11/10 Thu

1 John w/TT, catechism #100, ACTS 14, CA

Discussion of TV (anniv. of Sesame Street today) and St. Patrick.

Lesson in cleaning the bathroom. Arguments ensued over the filling of the soap dispenser. Discussion of 1 John and love again.


J did 2 lessons Maps charts graphs.

MUS #9E. We are starting to have a big problem with both kids saying "I know it, I just can't get it out." That is starting to be an excuse. I understand not being able to get words out. But part of getting the facts down is being able to get it out of the brain and on paper.

Math Detective - operations. As usual J got the concepts fine - knew what to do, and was a little better on doing the operations.

2 Mindbenders

J read Under the Sea (Usborne Beginnings) for science. E read Mealtime Prayers.

Black Hearts in Battersea has become very very exciting. 3 chapters and counting...

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

11/7-9 Mon - Wed

Another bad week. Now E is sick. But we are progressing slowly, oh so slowly...

Bible every day - continuing with 1 John and Tabletalk, and Acts just for reading pleasure. Added in the Victor Journey through the Bible and now the Atlas of the Bible (Collins). Added in Catechism per the schedule in Tabletalk. Whew.

CA, of course, daily. This with Bible takes approx 1 hour.

J does 2 Maps Charts Graphs each day, except Sunday.

Now on Lesson 9D in MUS. Were going to do some today but ran out of time, as it's PE day.

Tuesday we read all of The Voyager's Stone while the kids marked up maps documenting the journey. Then James copied a picture out of the book.

Tuesday a bit of copywork.

Today some Explode the Code without the writing, because we were going to have a spelling test, but ran out of time. Also the chapter on C. Columbus in SOTW. Starting a book on Vasco daGama, who gets a brief mention in SOTW.

Kids decided they would like to know each day what we are doing and when (as in what order, not what time of day). So I am planning on something like this:

Daily - Bible, Catechism, CA
MWF - ETC, History, some kind of logic puzzles, math,spelling, reading
TTh - Copywork, math, science, puzzles, reading

I like J to start off with Map Charts Graphs to warm up his brain. E needs something similar. She can't seem to shake off the cold, tired feeling. Soon.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

11/5 Sat

Another sick day for E. But we read "Seek the Lord Early" in JC Ryle's Boys and Girls Playing, and CA

Found an interesting new bug in the house today so C started looking up bug sites. J & E messed around with that a little. OK it's a stretch for schooltime but it is science... and I'm sure there'll be some bug books coming home from the library next visit.

Friday, November 04, 2005


Continuing with 1 John via Tabletalk, and Acts on our own, 1 chapter per day.

CA every day.

Wednesday was game day in the morning, and J had PE in the pm. Lots of physical activity!

Continuing with Maps Charts Graphs, 1-2 each day; now on lesson 17

Did a couple of Math Detectives.

Sick day for E today.

Both continue to read but have not completed any books recently.

RA Black Hearts in Battersea - Aiken

A very slow couple of days...

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

11/1 tuesday

Because the Table Talk Bible study is going so well, we're just going to do the entire reading each day, with the "for further reading' verses too. If we skip a day, we can make up on the weekend as there are no readings on Sat and Sun.

Also read Acts 8


J did 2 lessons of Maps Charts Graphs. There were a couple of questions that were written a bit ambiguously - good for him to see the need for precise writing. Also he misinterpreted a couple of map symbols causing him to answer incorrectly. This was good for him to see too.

Math Detective - J did all reading and most of the questions, except the operations. But he was able to quickly, seemingly without much thought, answer the question: How many children attended the play? (We knew there were 150 seats and 40 adults.) This is not a difficult problem but I was amazed at how quickly he answered it considering his troubles with basic math facts.

Read SOTW, chapters 29 and 30, about medieval Africa and India, and some Indian folktales from the Foolish Men of Agra by Rina Sigh. James read The Eggplant (very short and lots of trouble reading). I am not spending a lot of time on these areas as we will pick up some about them later and I want to spend more time on the Americas which are coming up. I am not too worried about the kids having a general idea of African and Indian cultures.

Spelling test #17. James spelled the w/sh/could family for the first time!

James worked on chain mail a lot today.

Starting an early reader version of Anne of Green Gables today. E read about 1/2 of the first chapter and ran out of steam. J, who had expressed extreme disinterest in the story, wanted her to continue and when she wouldn't, he read the rest of chapter 1. So they will share the reading in this book. After they finish, I'll read the 'real' version.

RA: 5 Children and It, completed.