Wednesday, November 09, 2005

11/7-9 Mon - Wed

Another bad week. Now E is sick. But we are progressing slowly, oh so slowly...

Bible every day - continuing with 1 John and Tabletalk, and Acts just for reading pleasure. Added in the Victor Journey through the Bible and now the Atlas of the Bible (Collins). Added in Catechism per the schedule in Tabletalk. Whew.

CA, of course, daily. This with Bible takes approx 1 hour.

J does 2 Maps Charts Graphs each day, except Sunday.

Now on Lesson 9D in MUS. Were going to do some today but ran out of time, as it's PE day.

Tuesday we read all of The Voyager's Stone while the kids marked up maps documenting the journey. Then James copied a picture out of the book.

Tuesday a bit of copywork.

Today some Explode the Code without the writing, because we were going to have a spelling test, but ran out of time. Also the chapter on C. Columbus in SOTW. Starting a book on Vasco daGama, who gets a brief mention in SOTW.

Kids decided they would like to know each day what we are doing and when (as in what order, not what time of day). So I am planning on something like this:

Daily - Bible, Catechism, CA
MWF - ETC, History, some kind of logic puzzles, math,spelling, reading
TTh - Copywork, math, science, puzzles, reading

I like J to start off with Map Charts Graphs to warm up his brain. E needs something similar. She can't seem to shake off the cold, tired feeling. Soon.

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