Saturday, October 01, 2005

Homeschooling Myself

Isn't that the title of a book? It struck me yesterday that I spent so much time thinking about my kids' educations I keep forgetting about my own. I know parents should constantly be learning themselves. This not only keeps us from getting stale (and boring?) but is good for the kids to see too. I neglect that, badly. I do think about the future and being alone with my husband again without the kids to talk about. What will I be able to talk about?

For our vacation I had lots of reading plans. But I only ended up reading a few pages here and there, out of several books, didn't finish anything and didn't really get much benefit from what I did read. I lost my Bible midway through the trip so didn't really do much Bible study - though Cris had his and most places had Gideon Bibles in the rooms...

I vaguely remember a comment, perhaps made by Charlotte Mason, about a mother's reading. Perhaps it is part of her "Mother Culture" philosophy. I believe she recommends always having 3 books going, or maybe it's 4. The Bible, daily, of course. Also, "a stiff book," something to learn from or make us think. And something just plain enjoyable. If there was a 4th, I can't think what it would be.

Also one has to find time for enjoyable pursuits. Gardening could be one of these, and that's necessary too. Then there's time to knit, and increase my knitting skills - getting tired of washcloths... Sewing, other home crafts. I should learn to do basic home improvement, so I could do things like paint a wall now and then. Whew! Hard to imagine doing this while homeschooling. Yet, women do and have done so, with more children! Maybe they could fit it in because they didn't hahve the internet calling their names all day long...

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