Friday, October 13, 2006

Week of Oct 9

This was not our best or most productive week. We progressed a bit in all areas, but nothing spectacular. I'm not even going to log it. Just more of the same. Enjoyed the book Galen and the Gateway to Medicine, and mapping Galen's travels. Continued reading about Pilgrims but did not do any real work in history, ie. the History Pockets project. Continued reading Peter Duck, that's the current obsession anyway, so...

Did have a slight breakthrough in math, however. Thursday had a terrible day over math drills, slow, sloppy work habits, etc.. Was really feeling frantic over the lack of progress in the math facts area. Today I pulled out the flash cards (addition, subtraction, time and money), something they'd always hated and did poorly at. This morning they loved it. And did quite well - at least J, anyway. So we'll take a break from written drills and MUS and try to do two sessions of flash cards a day for the next week, and drill again next Friday.

Today was game day with the hs group. Both kids did a short "show and tell" presentation. I wish they would call it "public speaking" instead of the juvenile "show and tell." No matter. E took copies of her favorite smoothie recipe and planned to talk about it. Once she stood up she couldn't remember what to say so I had to coach her through it. She was happy to give out recipes, though. J teamed up with Z to talk about the paper airplane models they build. He did a little better, not much. But it was his first time, her 2nd. I plan to require them to do this each game day.

Oh, we watched a Schlessinger video on settlers in St. Augustine, pretty interesting. They watched some Nat'l Geo animal movie and other than some baseball playoff games, that's it. J is back to Google Earth and his Lego Mindstorms, which is good.

J and I have started something new for spelling - I am giving him word listsl so he can copy them out. I will periodically give a test based on those lists. E - not worried about her right now, would rather she spend the time reading good stuff. Need to find her some good stuff...

My own reading - more pitiful than ever. Still working my way through Marriage to a Difficult Man. Also working on Bible study. Hoping to be done with that very soon.

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