Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Week of November 6

No records to keep, really. We progressed in all areas, more in some than in others.

Bible - Continuing with Psalms, finished Mark. Next is Isaiah.

Catechism - moving along. Did a review with J - he's in good shape. He knows it and more importantly, he understands it. E needs more work but she is getting there. She just doesn't apply herself to memorization. I am pretty sure, anyway. It's that little-girl voice she uses. Sounds so fake. "This is too hard." Remember the talking Barbie: "Math is hard." Ugh.

Math - getting a little better. J is getting faster w/the facts but is doing great in the geometry section of the mathematical reasoning. E is progressing a bit but still has to think - or pretend so - with simple things like 7 + 1.

Had some travel this week so listened to The Penderwicks, a great book-on-CD.

Both kids read/are reading Squanto, Friend of the Pilgrims for next week's book club.

Swimming, PE and dance continue.

That's about it. No excitement. Need to add more writing, but don't I say that every week?

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