Monday, December 15, 2008

Great Christmas Songs #12

I am running out of songs. I guess I don't like as many Christmas songs as I thought I did. But all the Christmas cds came out of storage this weekend, so I'm sure more will come up.

"I Saw Three Ships" seems like a kids' song to me, but maybe it's because there are usually children singing it.

There are a lot of versions of this song, including one by Sting and Jon Anderson (of Yes). And that brings up a question: a lot of singers who I wouldn't expect believe in Christianity sing Christian Christmas songs. (Now that is a weird sentence and makes me wonder how there can be a nonChristian Christmas song.) Now maybe they are Christians - don't go calling Pharisee on me for questioning peoples' faith and all that. Somewhere, somehow I "heard" that singers will just sing a good song; it doesn't matter if they believe the words or not. So a musician might want to play violin or sing in Handel's Messiah because it's great music and they don't care about the words. I don't know how that could be true, but I can't say it's not.


Sandy said...

I think that's absolutely true. I'm sure not all musicians are that way, but I think many are. After seeing them sing a worship song on American Idol, and all of them wearing white, no less, I think we have our proof. What were they trying to prove by wearing white? And is it just me or is it a little blasphemous to try to convince me that you're making an actual attempt at worship when the point of the show is to make one of the singers into an 'idol'? Obviously they just thought it was a popular song and would play well. Sorry. Apparently this touched a nerve for me. When I'm not blogging I tend to leave long comments. And annoy American Idol fans.

Marbel said...

Having never seen American Idol, I didn't know about that. Yes, I would have a problem with it. I don't get that. I don't know how a person can sing a song of worship from a religion they don't believe in. But I just answered my own question - they don't believe in it, so it's just words. But then it's at the very least disrespectful and mocking.

Sandy said...

I happened to see it while flipping the channels. I found it terribly disrespectful. A good reason not have cable, in my opinion.