Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Yesterday I had one of those moments wherein I wish I was more quick-witted. I was at a small dinner party and during dessert talk got around to the pros and cons - mostly cons - of Facebook. Then someone commented on the waste of time that is the blogosphere: how odd it is that anyone - imagine, just anyone! - can express their opinions electronically to the world. A few others at the table joined in agreement; a few of us just stayed quiet. There was a sort of "what is this world coming to?" vibe about the exchange. Then a moment of silence as a few people (maybe all the bloggers and Facebookers) got up for more dessert and coffee and the conversation moved on.

I can never think of what to say in those moments. Certainly "I blog!" would not have been the right thing. But, why couldn't I have said that I find some blogs helpful and interesting and not a waste of time at all? I could have gently reminded the critics that they don't have to read any blogs, but some of us don't consider them all a waste of time. I probably should have defended Facebook too, in support of the lone user at the table. When asked if I use it, I truthfully said no, but I probably gave the impression that it's due to disapproval, not to my fear of losing hours of my day looking for high school friends and former coworkers.

But I can never think quickly enough.

Those are also the times I feel like a young person trapped in an old person's body. I might have been the oldest person there, but I felt like I was sitting with a bunch of old fogies grumbling about the all the new-fangled ways of the world. At least no one said "back in my day..."

It makes me want to (finally) learn how to upload photos and get going on Facebook. First people I'd look for? The other silent ones at the table last night.


Sandy said...

I like the Daily Flower. I put it on my daughter's blog. I have posts in my head, now with no where to put them since I closed the blog. Still not ready for a new one, though. I'll keep stopping by here instead.

SmallWorld at Home said...

Awkward! Some people just don't get it—but why do they have to ridicule those that do?


Kerri said...

I recently had that kind of comment from a person who made reading blogs something akin to watching soap operas all day or something. But I do also know that this person follows American Idol. Frustrating. They don't read blogs, so they don't understand that a lot of blogs are done by thoughtful people who actually want to get beyond small talk and talk about the things that really count to them.

As for Facebook, I admit I do spend a bit of time there. Everybody I know (almost) is on it and almost daily there are pictures of a wedding, new baby, trip to Wash DC, etc. I like being able to keep up with so many people (that, yes, I do know and care about in real life. :) Also, prayer requests are timely, etc.

Oh well. Sometimes it just isn't worth correcting people, though.

Kim said...

I'm on FB but don't blog.
Though I did go through a period of time-sink with FB, it didn't last. Now I have a routine, check it quickly 1-2 times per day and I know that my friends and family are intact and healthy enough to be on-line, if my nephew has the flu, which cousins have sold houses or changed jobs...all those things my mother forgets to tell me.
Blogging would be a trap for me though.I would love to have a place to record my thoughts but then I'd lose the battle. Thought would win over doing. I'm glad there are people who can share their thoughts without it impeding their lives!