Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wake up!

Thanks to Dadvocate for waking me up and asking how things are in Two Kid Land. (I like that.) I was surprised to see I haven't been here in over a month.

Things are good. There are new distractions, but it's good.

My last post was about The Brace. My little girl is doing really well. She had her first followup appointment with the orthopaedist and he said the brace fits perfectly; the pads are pushing in all the right places. So no adjustments are needed; that was a concern. It's doing it's job, which is to keep the spine from curving more. Her curve pre-brace was 27 degrees; with the brace on, it's 13. In a few months she'll have another x-ray without the brace to be sure that the curve is not getting worse despite the bracing. The expectation is that with the pressure of the brace off, the curve will revert to 27. So, we'll see. There is no medical reason to believe that the curve might go away completely... but we can pray for that too.

And her attitude is good. She has gotten to the point where she sometimes taps her trunk to be sure she's wearing the brace - it's become that natural to her. We know that hot, humid August might be a little problematic. But right now it's OK.

And man, does she have good posture!

The Boy Scout is off this weekend at his troop's annual cooking contest. Each patrol makes dinner and judges (adult leaders) sample and declare a winner. My Scout also has to make breakfast for his patrol tomorrow as part of a rank advancement requirement. He made 2nd class and is feverishly working on his 1st class requirements. Once a Scout reaches 1st class, the real fun begins. They can start working on merit badges. And I am eyeing those merit badge worksheets for my own homeschool purposes. We've already used some but tying schoolwork into Scout requirements is going to make everyone's life that much more enjoyable.

He is also involved in a robotic club about which I know very little. My boy (closer in age now to 13 than 12) has a life completely outside mine now. More about that later, I think.

We've had some not great times - massive sinus infections for 2 of us, with one having had surgery already and one coming up. A long-anticipated trip to see friends had to be canceled. We are unhappy about the state of our government.

But all in all, life in Two Kid Land is good.

Thanks for asking!


Sandy said...

Glad to hear things are going well with you. I had noticed it was a little quiet here.

DADvocate said...

You're welcome.

Sounds like things are great. I'm glad your daughter is doing so well. Some kids don't adjust so well to such things.

Your son's doing great in Scouts. Those adult leaders have a racket going getting the Scouts to fix a bunch of meals for them. Many of the merit badges are fun. One where nearly my son's entire troop earned a merit badge was a trip to an indoor rock climbing facility. All Scouts that went earned their climbing merit badge and had a blast in the process.

Good to hear from you.