Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chain letter guilt

The other day I received email from a friend I'd fallen out of touch with.  We had been pretty good friends, but I moved and then she moved and our lives went on without each other.  I'm not sure when the emails stopped, and I don't know who owed whom a letter.  We just stopped.

My excitement at hearing from her faded as soon as I realized that it was just a chain letter.  Just a mass mailing, no personal contact.  My heart sank a little.  I am not the best at keeping in touch with old friends.  Sometimes months go by between communications.  I try to send out a quick "hi, how are you, what's up?" mail to old friends a few times a year, at least.  I don't really like that, but it's the reality of my life, and most of theirs.

Never would I dream of sending a chain letter to an old friend like that. 

But I don't like the chain letters anyway. The one I get most often is the recipe sharing letter. I never do it.  I don't know 6 or 7 or whatever number of people I need to send the letter on to in order not to break the chain.  OK, I do know that many people (I'm not that pathetic) but not that many that want to do the recipe swap. There are so many places to find recipes, why bother with a chain letter?   Usually I follow the instructions on the letter and advise the person who sent it to me that I'm not sending it on. That way she can find someone else and not break the chain.  Or not.  I don't really care one way or another.

So if I have your address, don't worry,  I will never, ever send you a chain letter.

This post is mistitled.  I have zero chain letter guilt.


wayside wanderer said...

I am so there with you on this. I don't do any chain letters or forwards. I may even delete without reading.

Sandy said...

My guess is that they just sent it to everyone in their address book. I will refrain from saying I find that tacky, since this is your friend and all. ;) Love the new look here.

Birdie said...

Oh, I HATE chain letters!