Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Through March 21

Fair bit of reading, but mostly sticking to those checklists. Started keeping a notebook for Catechism. I will write the question, they will write the answer. Today was easy, as Question 1 is pretty short. But they have a week to do each question...

The history pockets are going well for J, but E has lost interest. I don't think the part she has to do is too much for her, even though the grade level is 4 - 6. The pocket decorating is not above her level. I am surprised how well J can read the facts sheets. Frankly if my kid was doing that in 6th grade I'd be disappointed.

J is doing well on the verbal portion of the test prep. The math part scares me. But he has a whole year to get up to it. He is getting quicker on his facts.

E is having such trouble with MUS suddenly. Sometimes I still think it's fake.

Both are reading well, and daily.

I am still reading about bees and hope to finish Sweetness and Light soon. Keeping up the daily Bible reading and TableTalk.

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