Tuesday, November 06, 2007

NEA comment on kids' names

Joanne Jacobs had a little piece this morning about comments made by Reg Weaver, head of the NEA. He links unusual kids' names with poor schools. It'll be interesting to see the backtracking on this one, 'cause you know it's going to be all over the blogosphere (if it isn't already).

The original article (to which Joanne links) was in the Tulsa World.

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kerri @ gladoil said...

How funny. I guess you warmed up to posting again and here I haven't been around in days. SUch is the blogosphere I guess.

I do make my girls pants w/elastic in the waist for the occaisions when dresses would truly be in the way. We have fitting problems with jeans as well. My girls are very fortunate to be built like their father and they are always too thin and tall for store bought pants.

Did you ever go to Oregon Country Fair?