Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Zero to two dogs in 3 weeks

No, we didn't get another dog. At least, not permanently. We are babysitting a dog though! Some friends are jetting off to Russia to finalize an adoption. They easily found places for their 4 kids to stay. The 80-pound lab/weimaraner mix was a little more difficult. My spousal unit made the offer to board the dog before Max came into our lives. But no matter; their big dog - we have nicknamed him "The Bus" because when he's coming at ya, ya need to get out of the way - needed a place to live for the 25 or so days they'll be gone.

So while I'm still learning how to care for one dog, I am involved in dealing with dog dominance issues. It's hard for me to watch these two boys go at it. Most of the time the tales are wagging, but not always. There have been some tough moments. Today The Bus tried to get into Max's bed. Big mistake.

Max is outweighed by 50 pounds, but he seems to be showing that he's the big dog in this house!

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