Saturday, February 09, 2008

Parasitical Housewife

Isn't that a great term? I've been reading some blogs lately about men who delay marriage or don't bother to marry. The comments on these blogs say a lot about men and their attitudes toward women. More than once I read the term "parasite" attached to "housewife."

I feel like changing the name of my blog to that, but that's too much work. I have way too much to do, watching Oprah, eating bonbons, spending all my husband's hard-earned dough, and sitting around with my girlfriends dissing the old man all day long, waiting till his 401K is big enough for me to dump him and take all his cash, and the house! (Should be a long wait, what with this seminary thing he's doing.)

Oops! And here some of you thought I took care of and educated my kids, cooked great meals (OK, they're not all great), kept the house running reasonably efficiently and cleanly, hung out with and enjoyed my family, and generally contributed to the wellbeing of that family.

Nope, you're wrong. I'm just a parasite, living off my husband, sucking the very life out of him as we speak.



DADvocate said...

Dear Parasite,

I'm pretty sure which blog to which you refer. I don't think I ever used the term. I believe a good spouse (not perfect or ideal) is a great thing for a man or woman to have.

In the event of divorce, the courts are generally grossly on the side of the woman. But things are slowly getting better.

BTW - a good "Bwahahahahaha!" seems to be the norm on blogs or maybe that's the male form or "Hahahahahaha!"

I know this is off color but I'm chuckling about how your removing the life from your husband. Locker room humor is innate in almost all men.

DADvocate said...

That should be "you're removing"

Marbel said...

Dadvocate, indeed, on all counts.

I am not unsympathetic to men. I've seen what women (and the law) can do to men in the event of divorce. I've also seen what men can do to women. It's just not as easy as "women bad, men good" which some people like to think.

I am not sure I was going for the sinister laugh or the "this cracks me up" laugh. I am not a very serious blogger as you can see by my lack of posts and comments.

Oh, since I posted this, I've also learned that I am "deadweight." It's just too, too, funny!

Maybe I should have used "leech?" :-)

Slave Dad said...

Interesting post. However, I do think housewives who are educated but do not want to work even though the family is big and suffers financial stress are parasites. There is no psychological justification of such parasite behavior.

My life is actually ruined because of a parasite wife. Often times, as in this case, it is impossible to predict what married life will look like. I get to hear unsolicited sympathies from everybody which is actually more frustrating.

I guess life was never meant to be fair.