Saturday, February 23, 2008

A one-dog family, again

Suddenly James Taylor's "One Man Dog" is going through my mind... oh well.

As of yesterday we are a one-dog family again. The dog we had been babysitting has gone home! Now we are enjoying getting to know our little dog Max again. We had only had him about 2 weeks when we took on dog-sitting job. We cleaned the glass kitchen door, which was disgusting from the visitor pawing it to get in and out. I got the kitchen floor really clean for the first time in 3 weeks, too!

We wondered if Max would be lonely when the visitor had gone. Well, we don't know, of course, but he seems more relaxed now. He doesn't have to protect his domain. The usurper isn't nosing in, trying to get our attention every time we try to play with our own dog. Or maybe he's just bored. He did have fun in the snow today, even took a sled run with the kids. We have a slight incline in our yard, enough to get the sled going with a good push.

Now he's snoozing in front of the fire. It's a nice life, here with my family and dog. Maybe I'll go dig out that JT cd and sit down by the fire too.

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