Saturday, March 28, 2009

My lights are on

So I guess I am, by default, celebrating Human Achievement Hour tonight. But all it really means is that, I have things to do that require... light. My washer and dryer are running too. But sometimes they are not. What difference does it make when I run or don't run them? The people who are turning off their appliances for Earth Hour are going to turn them back on. Those washers and dryers will be running at another time. Seems like an empty gesture to me.

Today was soccer league signup, even though the season doesn't start till September. Why do we need to register nearly 6 months in advance? By early summer the league is closed. No last-minute urges to sign up for soccer tolerated around here!

Last year the line took forever (signups are in person only) so today I was prepared with coffee and a book to entertain myself while standing in line. But there were only about 10 people ahead of me, and a worried mom behind me, so I didn't even get to crack my book. Her kids are signing up for the first time - they'll be in grade 1 next year - and she's worried because all the other kids have already been playing for a while. Wow. I am a pretty good worrier, but that one never occurred to me. My girl played her first season last year - in grade 4! - and did fine. She is excited about going back; the boy (7th grade next year) is going for his first season. Oh, the horror!

Another change at soccer signups is the non-volunteer fee. Last year it cost $25 per kid to forgo volunteering. All one had to do was say "yeah, I'll volunteer" and the non-volunteer fee did not get charged. At the time I wondered how they'd handle deadbeats. Well, someone else wondered that too because this year the fee is paid up front, and refunded at the end of the season. It was a little painful writing that check, and I wonder how long it will take to get those refunds, but...

I did finish a book this week but I never wrote anything about it so you won't find me in the Saturday Review of Books. You'd never find it anyway; there are 175 reviews there today!

I also missed the Carnival of Homeschooling this week. All I can say about it is: great photos! Maybe sometime soonish I will have a post to submit. I have been thinking about how strange some people think it is that I trust my daughter to wander the library alone and choose her own reading material.

We had an Indian feast for dinner tonight, using this recipe for Beef Curry. I also decided to try to make naan - we really miss good naan. The seminarian ended up taking that over as working with a 500 degree oven and broiler can be dangerous for me, and it's nice not having any cuts or burns on my hands right now. Turned out great; we'll do that again. We used Madhur Jaffrey's recipe from this book.

Was this post worth blowing off earth hour?

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