Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tough day

My boy was out all day today (8 am - 10 pm) at an amusement park with our church youth group. His first words on returning home were:

"I'm so hungry! I didn't get enough to eat! The food was so expensive!"

He asked for a burger. I don't serve burgers at 10 pm (I need him to sleep tonight and not have nightmares) so offered toast, yogurt, cottage cheese... he ate some of everything. Then, nearly in tears (OK, I exaggerate a little) he said "And I never got any sweets either!" He'd been looking forward to a funnel cake but ran out of money. He handed me a wadded up, damp dollar bill and a few coins. "This is all I have left!"

I handed him a brownie and apologized for not sending enough cash along with him. (He doesn't have many opportunities to earn money of his own, and I never have cash on allowance day, so we keep accounts in the Mom bank.) I had thought $23 would be enough. That didn't have to buy his ticket, just food, and a locker for the water park, which turned out to cost $5.

After he got ready for bed he came to say goodnight, feeling around in his pants pocket. Suddenly he made a disgusted sound and pulled out some money: $7. "Oh no! I had enough money all along!" Turns out he had divided his money between 2 velcro pockets in his pants, so that if something happened to one bundle, he wouldn't lose it all. Then, he forgot to check his other pocket when he ran out of money.

That's my boy!


Sandy said...

Poor guy! I hope he had a good time otherwise.

Marbel said...

Oh, he had a blast! It was a great day, all in all. But you know hungry 12 year old boys, right?

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