Friday, July 31, 2009

Clunkers and other stimulus ideas

So I looked into Cash-for-Clunkers and I found my '97 Suburban would qualify (duh). I could get the full $4500 if I spent $20,000 on a new car.

Or I could just keep the truck and save $15,500. It would take a while to spend that much on gas.

If we got rid of the truck, we couldn't loan it to our church youth group to haul kids to activities. There would be more cars on the road. We couldn't help people move furniture. They would have to spend money (stimulus?!) to rent a truck. We wouldn't be able to help out a friend whose kids need a ride home from daycamp next week - she's in the hospital on bedrest during a difficult pregnancy. Not many people can add 3 more kids to their vehicle.

Anyway, there are other things the government could stimulate me to trade in.

How about bookstore vouchers for trading in books? We have some boxes of old sci-fi paperbacks I'd be happy to get rid of. Extra $ if the traded-in books are politically incorrect? But I guess there might be books I want that "they" wouldn't want us to have. I need a new copy of Huckleberry Finn.

Could I trade in my crummy Revere Ware saucepans for some new All-Clad?

I'm sick of my living room furniture, and it's getting worn out.

Lots of potential here!


Mrs. Darling said...

I heard on the news this morning that they are running out of money for this and they are meeting now to determine what to do with the program!

Sheryl said...

"Old sci fi paperbacks", huh? Hmmm...I don't have $4,500.00 to give you for them, or even anything interesting in exchange, but...

Sam told me yesterday that they were running out of money for that program. Big surprise.

Sandy said...

I saw the best bumper sticker the other day. It said "Honk if you're paying my mortgage." Love it.

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