Friday, November 20, 2009

Fast food wasteland

Tomorrow is my girl's last soccer game of the season. It's also the earliest: 8:30 am. Ugh! We've been really bored with breakfast lately and I thought about taking the kids through BK on the way to the game. They like those nutrition-free but tasty french toast sticks. But no. Here in the fast food wasteland the nearest Burger King is 4.6 miles away, and in the opposite direction of the soccer field. There is a McD's close by, but my kids despise the Egg McMuffin. (Sigh) They find the pancakes pretty nasty too, as they are used to Dad's hearty (not rubbery) whole wheat beauties on Sunday mornings.

Back in crunchy-granola Oregon, there were fastfoods everywhere. I can still picture 2 BKs within a couple miles of my house, and on the way to just about anyplace I could be going. But then again, Chick-Fil-A (closed on Sundays) can't survive there. Heathens. But we don't like the idea of the chicken/egg thing they serve at breakfast anyway.

So, I guess it'll be oatmeal tomorrow. But there's a bright spot: the coach is bringing Dunkin' Donuts for after the game. I'll bring a big thermos of coffee.

My little soccer player wondered today if the trophies will look the same as last year, with every girl the MVP. I can't imagine any reason they wouldn't be.

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