Friday, November 20, 2009

This page unintentionally left blank

Abandoned blogs are a little troublesome. When I come across one, I always wonder what happened to the blogger. I imagine all sorts of terrible things.

But I don't have an exciting abandonment story. More like, a lack of exciting stories.

I thought about relating the story of our standardized test day, but ran out of time and then - it was old news. Or maybe about "dvd school" which is a way to get some schooltime in when everyone is sickly. Hey, if kids are watching "Finding Nemo" in science class, then surely Nova episodes are OK. Then there was the anniversary of the Berlin Wall, which brought up a lot of memories, but... the day passed and it seemed irrelevant. (Not those kinds of memories - I've never been to Berlin.)

I could write about how sick my Boy Scout and I have been, and how he missed one of the most super-fun campouts of the year - for the 2nd year in a row! - but why record that memory? Better to try to forget about it. And hope for next year.

I could mention that I'm starting to get spam comments and had to add word verification to stop it, but... no one comments on abandoned blogs anyway.

There are always books to write about, but that requires actually reading the whole book. I've been enjoying Alison Weir's bio of Eleanor of Aquitaine. Not a fast read, but a truly fascinating one. My kids would like me to get off the computer and go read The Poisons of Caux, right now! If all goes well we'll finish that one over the weekend.

But next week is Thanksgiving and we're planning a great feast with some friends and life is looking more exciting. So maybe this isn't totally abandoned after all.


Sheryl said...

Well, if this is an abandoned blog, is this a non-comment? ;-)

Re: watching NOVA for science - absolutely! NOVA and just about anything on The History Channel were a big part of our science and history learning.

Jeanette said...

Was wondering if you all were ok!Glad to see you are.

Marchelle said...

I had stopped checking your blog for a while, but I admit some of it was because of my own busy and not so interesting life.

I sure do miss you and the whole family.