Wednesday, February 02, 2011

A stolen post

This is important:

Mom Always Shovels the Drive

How are you teaching your sons to serve others?


Sandy said...

Completely agree. My son and I had a good discussion about this today. I would add though, that moms should never allow their kids to act that way. Kids can be taught to serve at an early age, otherwise, when they are bigger and stronger than you are, what will you do? I told my youngest the stories from the post and he couldn't believe they were true.

Marbel said...

Take a look at the comments. There is one from a single mom about her own experiences shoveling out her driveway while neighbors - grown men with snowblowers - do their own driveways and ignore her as she struggles. (If I recall correctly, the commenter has children too small to help.)

Cheryl said...

Love it, such an important lesson!

Gillian said...

Definately an important lesson. My kids are learning that they need to be helpful to others. My son will not only carry the groceries, he helps bag them. My daughter volunteered to help our church out with washing towels for the shelter program they run. Small things like this make me feel we must be doing something right! Hopefully I can keep them on this same track as they get older and more capable.