Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Homeschool Moment: New carpet and Playmobil

The giant bin of Playmobil figures has been in the dungeon for a while.  No one's played with it for a few years now, but of course Playmobil is a legacy toy, not to be donated or given away, but saved for the as-yet-hypothetical grandchildren.

But yesterday, after the new carpet was installed in the boy's room, he stood in the vast expanse of emptiness, with wonderful softness underfoot and asked:

Can we get the Playmobil out?

So we did.  And after reading history, doing some math and Latin, after piano practice and Python programming online class... my teens played with their Playmobil.  It was so fun to hear them exclaiming over old favorite figures.  And renaming some:  the old Roman Centurion was rechristened Rory*.  

The only downside?  We may never get the furniture out of the living room and back into the bedroom.  

*Doctor. Who reference.


Gillian said...

I love this post! I have so many fond memories of Playmobil...

Leigh Eagle said...

Oh, I remember that my brother and I used to play with our Playmobil when we were young. Haha! We love to put our Playmobil figures on the carpet and make them stand there. I guess that’s why your son asked you to get the Playmobil out all of a sudden. It would be great to play with those figures on a new carpet, right? And as your son gets tired of playing, he will just lay down there and take a quick rest. Then after, playtime again. Haha! That’s what kids love to do! :D

Leigh Eagle

Lyda said...

Good thing that you didn't give away your Playmobils! Those legendary toys deserve to be displayed and kept in mind condition. So how's the new carpet? Although there are no pictures of it, I hope your kids are enjoying it together with their Playmobils. :)


Pete Henderson said...

Like Leigh, when my twins were toddlers, we made it a point to have a carpet in their playroom and bedroom so that they can play on the floor whenever they wanted. I surely miss those times!

-Pete Henderson