Monday, September 24, 2012

Homeschool Moments: Atlatls and Watercolors

This new blogging endeavor is not going so well.  We do have at least one homeschool moment a day, but sometimes I forget to look for it... or forget to write about it.

Today was a good one to remember.

The Scout is involved in a project for an upcoming district-wide (council-wide?  I never know) campout and is in charge of teaching/demonstrating the use of the atlatl.  This is an ancient hunting device consisting of a throwing arm and a 5- 7-foot-long dart.  (I keep mistakenly calling it a spear. It looks like a spear to me!) He and his dad have been kicking around ideas, doing some research, and taking frequent trips to Lowe's for lumber.   Today he spent refining his throwing arm and preparing two different types of darts for his Scout meeting tonight.  He also worked up his (simple) budget proposal.  

I might have to have a big atlatl post at some point.  But that was today's highlight. 

While the boy was working on darts, my girl was out on the porch working with watercolors.  She's been focusing (haha) on photography lately but suddenly got the urge for watercolors.  We had an A C Moore (craft shop) coupon and got something a little better than the kiddie set she'd last used.  So yesterday and today she's been outside, in the cool fall air, working on watercolors.

We've also managed to do things like math and Latin, too! 

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