Monday, October 01, 2012

Homeschool Moment: Haircut

My homeschool moment for today is:  leaving my kids home alone with their work, and walking out the door to go get my hair cut.  Alone. 

Sure, moms who send their kids to school get to do all sorts of things on their own during the school day.

But with young teens in the house, I get the best of both worlds:  I get to homeschool my kids and hang out with them most of the time, but I also get to walk out the door - alone - for a haircut.  Or a cup of coffee with a friend.  Or a trip to the library.  No, never mind the last one - the kids want to go to the library with me anyway.

Sometimes it seems that as homeschoolers, we are trapped at home with our kids. But once the teen years hit, they can be home alone. 

And they even - mostly, anyway - do their work!

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