Saturday, October 06, 2012

Saturday morning

Blogging commitments (though always self-imposed) never work well for me.

We do homeschool, after a fashion, pretty much every day, but I don't seem to have a notable homeschool moment every day.  Or, if we do, I tend to miss it.

I do read, but I don't keep my 2012 Reading page updated very well.  (I did update it today - with 3 months worth of books.)  I tend to do more of my book talking on Goodreads now, so come see me over there.

But it's Saturday morning and both my kids are out, my husband is sleeping and my dog is waiting patiently for me to let him out the back door. But I can't, because it's nut-gathering season, and squirrels are all over the place.  And he barks at them.  They never come down to play, but he can't stop insisting they do.

My girl is on a church youth group retreat.  Our junior high group is small - only two girls and three boys - but they have great leaders and enjoy themselves.  Two of the boys are new to the group this year, having moved up to 7th grade.  Last year there were three girls and one boy, so I wondered how it would go when that dynamic changed. I was happy that my girl said the boys were a lot of fun and that she was happy that last year's sole male had some cohorts now.  They will be home tomorrow afternoon.

I was up at 6am with my boy, who is off on a Scout event.  It's amazing how a boy who can sleep till 10 am with no trouble will jump out of bed at 6 am when he needs to. Mommies of late-sleeping kids, take heart! They can get up when they need to.

As always, I have a lot of things I'd like to write about.  But now it's time to go have a cup of coffee on the  back deck.  The husband has arisen.  The dog can't wait to get outside anymore. 

Have a lovely Saturday.

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Gillian said...

You have a lovely Saturday as well!