Friday, August 30, 2013

A reasonable start - but aren't they all?

It's the end of Homeschool week 2.  It's 9pm on Friday night, and I'm tired out!  In a few minutes, though, we're going to start watching the Jeeves & Wooster tv series.  I plan to knit the latest in a long line of dish/washcloths while we watch.  Mindless entertainment at its finest.

The first two weeks went pretty well.  We haven't found our groove yet but I'm optimistic.  We're all optimistic in  August, aren't we?

The boy who is sick is still sick, but maybe coming out of it a little.  Everyone is tired; no one seems to be getting enough sleep.  The mornings don't start quite when I'd like them to and we just aren't in sync yet.  When I'm ready to discuss the history reading, the boy wonders if it's a good time to ride the exercise bike.  And he's right; it is. So we work around that till he finishes, and then, whoa, it's almost lunch time!

But we are moving along in pretty much everything.  Science and math are still problematic for us; they always have been, so I'm not sure why I thought it might be different now.  Optimism!

One surprise is my girl's sudden change of attitude toward the history book.  We are using a regular ol' high school textbook as part of our  history this year.  One of the features of the book is the "reading check" - short questions every few pages, just to, well, check the reading.  I have my kids keep a notebook in which they write their answers, and we talk about them at the end of each section of the book.  Before summer break, she hated that book.  Now, she has decided it's not so bad after all.  Is it because we are moving into a more interesting time for her, or did she turn a corner over the summer and decide that maybe history is pretty interesting?  It doesn't matter, does it?   

Another cause for optimism is the purchase of the microscope. We waited a little too late, maybe, to finally get a good microscope, but it's exciting to have it.  The day it arrived, we found a dead yet perfect cicada on our front steps.  It is still in the fridge in a baggy, but next week it's going under the lens! 

I guess I should make a page for our studies this year.  But now it's time to Jeeves & Wooster!


Sandy said...

My kids love Jeeves and Wooster. We haven't found our groove yet, either, but we're getting there.

Marbel said...

This will be the third time through for my husband and me, and second time through for the kids. It's been at least two years since the last watching. It's fun enjoying this "adult" tv show with them.