Wednesday, February 01, 2006

1/28 - 2/1

All is going pretty well. We haven't been doing so well on getting the checklists completed for each day. Something always seems to get left behind. But everyone is reading well, and pretty often, and enjoying what we are doing for the most part. Of course there are the problems of writing. We have really slowed down on MUS. The past few days I've given them tests we previously skipped. They are very easy! But perhaps that helps with confidence and reinforcement. It is nice to give an A+.

J continues in PE and is getting fewer wall sits each time, mostly. He's not gotten very many days in a row with none, however.

Both kids are enjoying our slow Bible study. I was having them read the passage to me but it is more efficient to read it over breakfast so I do it. But I should have each of them take some time to read it during the day. We stopped trying to memorize the beatitudes which we need to get back to.

Have started something new - using Progeny Press study guides for reading. J is doing the Minstrel in the Tower and E is doing The Courage of Sarah Noble. Well, he started on ch. 1 today and did well. Of course he does not want to fill out the workbook so we are doing it orally. E was to do ch. 1 and 2 but could not get beyond ch 1 for some reason. Because of company coming and time pressure, I didn't push it. Tomorrow. Of course we have our Wednesdays too.
My own reading is suffering as usual. Almost keeping up the Bible reading and of course I have my weekly Bible study. But I have two other books going: Brunelleschi's Dome and The Beekeeper's Pupil and am not doing too well on either. Maybe tonight?

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