Thursday, February 09, 2006

Feb. so far

Not a good logger.

Reading continues, checklists continue. J has started reading Minstrel in the Tower, E The Courage of Sarah Noble, and we are going through Progeny Press study guides. So far so good. J is on book E of Maps Charts and Graphs. It is now challenging him! Finally. He needs more challenge and so far he is enjoying it.

The next Progeny Press book I want to do is Charlotte's Web. Also, we picked up The Sword in the Tree for the homeschool book discussion group. That'll be interesting.

My own reading is going OK. Put down Hugh Ross, picked up All God's Children and Blue Suede Shoes by Ken Myer. Also reading The Beekeeper's Pupil by Sara George.

Finished Ten P's In A Pod. Nice story, inspiring, not great lit. Trying to think of something really really good to get lost in. Thinking of Wind in the Willows before I miss the window on that one.

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