Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Catch up - February - 22

Finally gave in and bought a science curriculum - Christian Kids Explore Chemistry. I just have to admit I need a more structured curriculum. Unfortunately I've discovered 2 typos already and of course that bothers me. But, the kids enjoyed chapter one and it gave some good background I wouldn't have gotten into. I still need to be more disciplined on doing lots more experiments.

Going along OK in MUS. The facts just don't come very well but it's getting better. I know J is anxious for more interesting math and he is getting that, a bit, with the daily math warmups and the math detective. I need to find a similar problem-solving book as we are almost done with math detective.

The reading is going well. E finished The Courage of Sarah Noble and the study guide. J is almost done with The Minstrel in the Tower. He told Dad last night that he would like to read more but is only allowed to read a chapter a day! So I fixed that this morning.

Attitudes are OKish. J had a meltdown today over not being able to play/work on airplane models until he was hungry for breakfast. But we got over it after he had some juice - blood sugar?

PE and art continue.

My own reading is going OK as I'm reading about bees a lot. Nothing with greater depth than that at this point...

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