Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Long Vacation

We ended up taking a long vacation from "school" these last few weeks. Getting ready for a Christmas party, and Christmas... well, we took a lot more time off than I'd planned. But we continue to read - the "Swallows and Amazons" books (we are on book 8 of 12), and A Christmas Carol (Dickens) and other Christmas books. Yesterday E read one of her Christmas books (Miranda the Great) all at once. J read a Tintin (gift from his grandparents, my request) and at least browsed A City Through Time. Today he will mess around with one of his science experiment kits.

My big failure has been to keep a pen in J's hand to keep his writing skills going. Today is thank you card day and I fear a rebellion. He has only 3 to write. I had vowed he'd write something every day but did not enforce this. So we will have lost some ground.

Also our break from workbook math turned into a break from all math. I'd planned on continuing with flash cards and games, but the only math we've done is doubling and halving recipes.

Oh, and I dropped the catechism review that was going on; I'm sure E has lost some of that.

But today is a new day and Daddy is home all week, so we can pick a few things back up.

I have to admit it has been nice to be on vacation so completely. I have been getting more sleep and just feel more relaxed all around. That can't be a bad thing.

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