Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year, New Methods

Well, maybe not new methods right away. But this is going to be a year of new things. Since it looks like we are moving to Pennsylvania next summer, I'm going to have to get used to new homeschool laws - much stricter than those here in Oregon. I'm going to have to document more, and maybe even do more academics in a more traditional way. More like school? Maybe, a little.

But for now I need to:

Get back on track with daily Bible, Catechism, reading, writing, and math. More history, more science.

Prep J for his 3rd grade test, which he will take in March. Summer is allergy season, and this test will be hard enough for him without having to do it through the fog of meds and runny nose. E will take a 2nd grade test for practice.

Finish SOTW #3 by late spring so that we can "officially" start #4 in September for our new "school year."

Finish MUS Beta as quickly as possible so we can move into multiplication and division. This should be fairly easy for J but not so much for E. Maybe I should stop thinking I can blend them in math... I'll see how she does with carrying and borrowing, or renaming or regrouping or whatever it's called now.

Come up with a good record-keeping method.

Amp up the kids' writing a bit so we can produce more written work for the necessary porfolios/documentation for the state. It's time, anyway. She is capable but lazy; he is lazy but could be capable if I had him do it more.

Now, can I do this without making them hate "school?"

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christinemm said...

For record keeping I used to use Edu Track (software). It is easy to use and makes very professsional looking reports to show what was done, to calculate time spent, etc.

I am just too lazy to use it lately and my state doesn't require such detailed record keeping so that is not a motivator for me.

We had a hard time with both of my kids on the same math level. The issue was competitiveness. I didn't care if the kids were on the same MUS program but my younger son is the competitive one and he wanted to stay in step with his older brother (who is 3 grades ahead of him technically by the state/school standards). They are on 2 different MUS books now (Beta vs. Gamma) and I am so glad as now the younger son isn't always asking "what page is he on?".

Thanks for leaving comments on my blog. I am glad someone is reading and commenting (I hardly get any comments compared to the number of hits my blog gets).

Happy New Year!