Thursday, January 18, 2007

Jan 18 - snow day #3

Today is the last snow day. I couldn't keep them in. So work was minimal:

Bible, catechism, Christian Almanac as usual

Math - 2 pages, and then I realized - slaps forehead - I hadn't given any tests. There is one test per lesson; we are on lesson 7. So, tomorrow... 2 tests. Saturday... 2 tests. Should be easy; so much is review. Hm, maybe even 2 tests each day; then we'll be done on Monday.

Um, that may be it.

Fair bit of reading: J read Fantastic Mr. Fox the night before, E is moving right through Down in the Bonny Glen.

Tomorrow we'll get right to work. Uh huh. After errands (grocery shopping, library) and cooking and dropping off food for sick friends. Sure, loads of time!

My own reading: Last night C brought me a big fat novel: Quicksilver by Neal Stephenson. Started. Didn't read any tonight. Good so far, though.

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