Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Jan 8 and 9

We are getting into a new groove and it's going fairly well. I think I am right that I have been allowing the kids to get by on too little math. J is thriving on doing more each day. Right now - rounding, estimating, and doing little addition "puzzles" is fun for him.

So for these 2 days:

Bible - Psalm 129-131, Is 33-35

Catechism q 33

Daily Grams #47, 48

Math - Lesson 3, pages D-F, lesson 4, pages A-C

Reading - Little Pilgrim's Progress, ch. 24-33

Cursive and copywork every day

Spelling - test for E, copywork for J

History - SOTW Ch 14 - Prussia

Science - History of Science Lesson 14: Reading about Mercator, Huygens, and Galileo in Picture History of the Great Inventors, also the section on Galileo in The World of Captain John Smith. We did not read the intro to Along Came Galileo as outlined in the BF study guide, nor did we do the mapping exercise, yet.

Other reading:
Christian Almanac
Introduction to Fabre's Book of Insects
2 chapters (only!) of Secret Water

Today instead of doing test prep work J worked on some Perplexors logic puzzles (Mindware) and did a lesson in Maps Charts and Graphs which has been neglected for some time. Glad I just left that stuff in his bin... He also has started working in his Complete a Sketch book, and working - a lot - on some new paper airplane book he picked up at B&N with his Christmas gift card. Also watched one of the fighter jet movies he rec'd for Christmas.

E has been working on thank you notes and drawing a lot, and reading!

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