Monday, January 15, 2007

Jan 15

A holiday, but when Daddy's working, we're working. OK, not really, but we don't go out of our way to take off school or legal holidays just because. We acknowledged MLK today but not in a huge way.

A fairly typical-ish day. Kids were slightly sick, and as usual I was slightly disorganized. We didn't do all I would have liked, but then we never do. Someday I will set my expectations correctly. Will I?

Bible: Psalm 138, Isaiah 40

Catechism: Question 34

Christian Almanac

Daily Grams - 2 "lessons"

Math - lesson 6, complete - just skip counting and review - easy

Cursive - a bit of practice

Copywork - just a bit because of all the math writing - Catechism ("What is adoption?"); J logged another book (The First Marathon, a picture book) into his reading log. OK, it seems silly to "count" this miniscule amount of writing but it's getting to be more all the time.

Little Pilgrim's Progress - 7 chapters - a bit too much - I could tell they were not as sharp on remembering names, events, etc., toward the end. We had been doing no more than 5 chapters so I think I'll keep it at the going forward. Tomorrow we will finish part 1, then take a couple days for me to get ahead on reading, and move on to part 2. Since we had read part 1 before, but not part 2, it will be more exciting.

Science - Chapters 1 -3 of Along Came Galileo, reading about pendulums in The New Way Things Work, marking up a map of Italy with Galileo locations, then some messing around with a pendulum (yoyo). No written experiment work. When Daddy came home we talked about it more and have some new ideas for more experiments tomorrow.

At lunch we started reading in Stars, Mosquitos and Crocodiles again. We had started it quite a while ago but I sensed a loss of interest so set it aside. They asked about it today, indignant that I thought they didn't like it. So we picked up where we left off.

We brought out the History Pockets and E did some coloring on a map of the 13 colonies. J didn't. We meant to do more but never got to it - tomorrow we will, though, since it's all out and we will have more time.

Read only two chapters in The Big Six.

J spent some time on some computer games I found at a UK kids' museum site and did some model airplane work. E rested a bit, looked at recipes and sorted through a pile of papers she had amassed.

I worked on Bible study some and did some meal planning. Cooked a way-too-time-consuming dinner.

Along with history pockets, tomorrow we will do some more pendulum work, but probably no more science reading. We need to do 1/2 lesson of math, more copywork and cursive, spelling and some test prep. I need to finish Bible study and get my shopping list ready for Wednesday.

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