Wednesday, January 17, 2007

1/16 - snow day

Woke up to a lot of snow. So didn't accomplish much. If we lived in an area with reliable snow all winter, it wouldn't be such a big deal. But we have to take our snow days when we can.

Bible - Psalm 139 and Isaiah 41. The kids read Ps 139, taking turns in chunks of 5 verses. This is the next one to memorize, if we ever get through Psalm 33.

Catechism #34

Copywork - finished the catechism answer. It was a short one. But at least each child held a pen in his/her hand.

Math - yes, we struggled through the first 2 pages of a lesson. Kind of funny in an annoying way - we had been doing some work on place value, doing problems using expanded notation:

26 + 12 written as 20 + 6, plus 10 + 2. (Vertically, of course). J hated it. "What are we doing this for???" I told him it was to get ready for regrouping. Today's lesson started the regrouping. He was trying to blast through it, in his own overconfident way - and got them all wrong. Now he understands why he did all that practice.

Read a little more from Stars, Mosquitos, and Crocodiles over lunch, then some history about King Philip's War.

Read 2 chapters of The Big Six.

Made Maple Syryp candy in the snow. E's idea, from The Maple Syrup Book. Fun.

My own reading: I had excitedly picked up The Language of Threads, sequel to Women of the Silk, at the library. Last night I realized I had read it bfore. Oh, I had been so anticipating reading a good novel! I am truly turning into my mother now...

Played and played in the snow!

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