Sunday, May 27, 2007

May 2x, 1993

Today I realized that it is approximately the 14th anniversary of the night my husband and I met. We met in a combination of the supposedly two worst ways people can meet and have a successful relationship: in a bar, as a result of the internet. Hahaha, showed them! It doesn't seem like all that long ago but it feels like a lot has happened to us in those years - a marriage, 2 kids, an interstate move, and of course the big thing: our decision for him to go to seminary, which entails him becoming unemployed and moving us all across the country for 3 or 4 years.

I am quite sure that other families have had more and bigger things happen in 14 years. But since the 14 years of my life prior to meeting him had been so uneventful, this seems like a whirlwind!

Oh, and our moving date is set (tentatively? maybe, but pretty sure) for July 9, our 12th wedding anniversary. Could there be a more appropriate day?

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