Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Why do I keep this blog?

This is a very boring blog. I didn't have a clear reason or goal for my blogging when I started. Blogging just seemed like a cool, fun thing to do. After a while here, I decided to move to, because I liked the idea of a community of like-minded bloggers. But I kept this blog and it turned into a homeschool record-keeping place.

Well, I don't really keep records anymore. We are in the process of moving and we're barely homeschooling. I'm not going to take the time to blog about the Bible chapter we read, the math page we completed, and the copywork we did. I do keep track of the books we read here.

And I use my blogger/google login as a way to comment on blogs here.

Maybe at some point this will become a real blog again. But if you came here via a search, or because you read a comment I posted on another blog, come see me at homeschoolblogger. I'm still blogging there, and you can get there via the link on my sidebar. I post there more often - though less and less as we are involved in the task of preparing to move.

Otherwise, look at our book list and leave me some recommendations!

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