Saturday, April 18, 2009

Compare and contrast

A mom calls the local Girl Scouts council to ask about a troop for her 8 year old daughter. They ask what school the girl attends. It is a private school, a bit of a distance from her home. The council says there is no troop for her. The only troops nearby her home are in public schools, and only open to girls who attend the school. Since this girl's school does not have a troop, she is out of luck.

So, these girls spend all day together in school, then get together in Girl Scouts after school. No one else is allowed in. So I guess my homeschooled girl couldn't get into a "regular" troop, even if I was able to get her to the after-school meetings in the school building. Nope. Have to attend the school.

Compare with the Boy Scouts, who have troops in various places, meeting at various times. Boys choose the troop that they like best, or that has meetings at the best time for them, or at the best location. Public school, private school, homeschool - come on in!

And you thought the Girl Scouts were all about diversity.

Actually this year they are all about "going green!" But then isn't everyone?


Sandy said...

Where I'm from, 'going green' means joining the Army. Somehow I don't think that's what they meant... ;)

SmallWorld at Home said...

If your friend is interested, American Heritage Girls now has a Trailblazer program for girls who don't have a troop nearby.... (you knew I was going to say something about AHG, didn't you?!)

Marbel said...

Sandy, too funny! That is surely not what they are talking about!

Sarah, yes, yes I did. This gal is someone I met in the snack bar at Little League on Saturday. I didn't think of AHG then; if I run into her again I'll let her know.

DADvocate said...

Boy Scouts also has programs for girls! Venture troops are less common but allow boys and girls. There's always at least one Venture troop at Boy Scout camp when we go each year. The biggest draw back is you have to be 14 to join a Venture troop.

One of the adult male leaders in my son's Scout troop once volunteered to help Girl Scouts and they refused him because he was a man. Boy Scouts have lots of female leaders.