Sunday, August 02, 2009

Fabric scraps and memories

One of the boxes that got wet when the basement flooded was full of fabric. We pulled it all out, thinking I would have to wash it all. Imagine my delight when I got to the bottom and found that it was all dry. There was a layer of styrofoam at the bottom of the box, protecting my precious fabric.

Because we paw through the fabric a lot, it was a disorganized, wrinkled mess anyway - but at least a dry mess. My girl and I stood together, sorting and folding - there was no room to sit, since so many boxes from the basement had to be moved into the rest of the (small) house. I was hoping we'd find some to get rid of at a garage sale we're planning with our Girl Scout troop.

There were large pieces, enough for a girl's dress, and small pieces suitable for doll's clothes or quilt squares, and everything in between. But even small scraps of fabric may be useful, someday. And so many have memories:

"Look, Mom, here's a bit left over from that the first Easter dress you made me! Oh, I love this fabric." I wondered what happened to the dress; she remembered that we'd given it away to a sweet two-year-old when we left Oregon. I hope she's worn it, or will wear it when it fits. Or did her mama put it in a garage sale?

"Oh, here's some from that picnic blanket project that never worked out! Do you think we'll ever make a real quilt?" I sure hope so, Honey.

"Mmm... feel this fleece from my pajama pants. Do you think there's enough here for something for Sarah [the best doll]?" Oh yes, fold it up and put it on the pile.

We found scraps from the "art quilt" that the boy helped me design a few years ago. It was a sea scene, with a pieced boat, a fussy-cut lighthouse motif (where did I ever find that fabric, anyway?), appliqued rocks, and fish buttons. We still have it, though he doesn't really want it hanging in his room anymore. Scraps from the one and only Barbie dress I made; scraps from a gorgeous piece of fabric that was to be the centerpiece of a fall quilt, but was turned into a special doll dress. Leftovers from making 24 matching napkins for the crowd coming to Thanksgiving dinner one year. (We still use those napkins, though they're getting a bit frayed.) Bits and pieces from so many projects, some we've made, some still in our imaginations.

We only found one piece, out of hundreds, that we could stand to give away.

Some things just have to stay with us, no matter how hard we try not to care about them.

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G said...

I'm so glad the box was okay! My husband still remembers quite clearly losing many things in a flood during his childhood.