Thursday, January 14, 2010

Another new phase

My girl made her first Girl Scout cookie sales today. Three sales! The first was to me. Then we headed to the nice old lady on the corner. Success! But (as I suspected) the lady had her go through each offering, describing it and discussing the fat content. She made the Girl Scout work. Third, to another neighbor who looked into our tote bag of goods and lit up. An easy sale there.

OK, 5 boxes won't send the Scout to summer camp. She's... 1 percent of the way there.

I don't even really like the Girl Scouts, and think the cookies are way overpriced. I hate going door to door, and am not sure I'll like standing out in front of WalMart at a booth. But, it's been a good experience for her so far, and we have to take those where we can get them.

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