Friday, January 01, 2010

A little work, a little fun...

Today was an almost perfect day:

A little work.

We are a messy family. I just can't get around that. We have projects and books and dog beds (yes, multiple dog lounging areas though we have only the one dog) and, for now, Christmas paraphernalia all over the place. Sometimes we just can't put everything away.

But today we cleaned and straightened and vacuumed and dusted the room we call the family room. It's where the computer, tv, and craft supplies live. And when there's a sewing project going on, the ironing board is set up. And when crafting is going on, a craft table. But no dog bed!

There are still some pockets of clutter but I think I can jam those remaining items into a drawer tonight. It will be nice to be able to sit on the couch and not see stuff all over the place.

A little recreation.

We live within minutes of several great parks that allow dogs. So, the kids and I took Max out for a ramble. It was muddy, and wet, and there were a lot of dogs out. (Max always wants to see other dogs, but once he gets to them he just gets snappy. So we avoid people with dogs.) We came back a little tired, and very dirty.

A little reading.

Not much, but there'll be more to come tonight, I hope. Yesterday the kids and I finished reading The Call of the Wild, which I remembered fondly but not completely. Some scenes were a little too brutal, and unavoidable, even with my (usually) good editing-on-the-fly skills. We ended the book sobbing. We needed to move on to something a little lighter, so we started The Anybodies today. It's one of those my kids could read on their own, but sometimes we need a light and easy readaloud.

A little cooking.

I love to cook and am trying to help my kids to love it too. We wanted to make Hoppin' John for New Year's Day. I am not a southerner but I am married to one so I try to make the food right. The beans and rice were well-received by all; the seminarian and I ate up all the collard greens. (The kids ate their obligatory bites.) The kids made the cornbread on their own and it was perfect. All that was missing from this dinner was the fried okra. Next time.

We're having one more "special" dessert tonight, since it's a holiday and I had some cream cheese I had to use or lose. My girl has been busily piping melted chocolate into shapes to decorate the top of the dessert, which consists of a shortbread-type crust, a layer of melted chocolate, cream cheese, pecans and sesame seeds, then a topping of more of the shortbread. Then, I swear, light, fruity desserts from now till... Twelfth Night.

Why was this only a near-perfect day? We didn't get started early enough, so we ran out of time. And the seminarian couldn't come on our ramble; schoolwork, you know. But, he will get a break in a few weeks and then he'll come hiking with us.

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Mrs. Darling said...

Just dropping by to catch up on happenings in your house! Have a wonderful New year.