Friday, December 31, 2010

Getting it right this year?

"Cheers to a New Year and another chance for us to get it right."

This quote was at the top of a grocery store ad.  I was just looking for meat bargains and instead found this little snippet of wisdom, or inspiration, or something, attributed to Oprah Winfrey. 

I have no idea what Ms. Winfrey means by this, if she even said it.   What is the "it" we should be trying to get right? 

Maybe I'm a slacker but I am not setting myself a goal to "get it right."  If I can't even decide what "it" is, how can I ever hope to get it right?   If "it" is life, that's a big thing to try to get right.  It can't be done, till Jesus comes back.  May as well give up.

Or maybe I'll try to get one thing right this year.  My life of prayer and serving God?   I would like to do that, but can I get it right?  Marriage?  I'd like to get that right, but... doubtful.  Parenting?  Um, no.  I'm sure to  make a parenting mistake or two... every day.   Homeschooling?  Not likely.  I'm sure to mess something up in that area.  Housekeeping?  Laughable idea.

Can we get anything right?    Maybe we're talking about learning to make flan or grilling a steak.  Building a table that won't wobble or sewing a skirt with a straight hem.  Those are doable. So is remembering to be thankful more often.  Making the effort to say something kind to someone, whether a stranger or my own child.  Taking a little more care to think of ways  - and execute them! - to please my husband.  Praying for someone at the moment I say that I will, rather than waiting for later (and forgetting).  Those are a little harder than mastering cooking or carpentry skills, but they can be done.

Maybe if people started trying to get the small things in their lives right, the bigger things would take care of themselves.

What will you try to get right this year?

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wayside wanderer said...

This makes me think of a song we used to sing in our old church that went like this..."Little by little in every way, Little by little every day, Jesus is changing me......"

Happy New Year to you and yours!