Saturday, March 26, 2011

Another way my kids are growing up differently than I did.

I'm getting ready to run out to the library to pick up a copy of "The Sound of Music" to watch with Eleanor today.  I am not that interested in it but she is sickly and her brother is away at camp and this is what she would like to do.  We just got Netflix but it's not available to watch instantly; nothing in the vast queue we've accumulated seems interesting enough to her right now.  I know how that is, when a kid is sick.

But here is where my title comes in:  she won't want to watch it alone.  It struck me today that my kids rarely watch tv or a movie alone.  James will occasionally watch some military thing by himself.  I think he'd like the company but no one wants to join him.  I don't think Eleanor ever has, though.

They'd mostly rather not watch TV if they are going to be there alone.

I think about all hours I spent in front of the TV as a kid, alone and with my siblings and parents.  Or friends. But a lot alone.  When I was in junior high I even had my own tv in my room for a little while.  It only got the local channel, but it was good for my soaps after school.  "Dark Shadows!"  "One Life to Live."  Ah, stop me before I go googling Vikki and Nikki and Barnabas.

Anyway, this was just interesting to me this morning.  I'm glad my kids don't spend mindless hours in front of the television.  I don't spend that much time myself, and I can usually make it productive with knitting or mending or even folding laundry.  Maybe I would have liked it if my Mom had watched "Dark Shadows" with me sometimes.  I wonder what she was doing while I was watching all that TV?

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Anonymous said...

We had a portable black and white tv that I was allowed to watch in my room on the weekends. I would watch Outer Limits and The Wild, Wild, West.

I had alot of siblings so I rarely watched tv alone. But my mom and I would watch game shows together when I was sick and my dad and I watched Abbot and Costello or The Honeymooners reruns.

We only have one "cable" tv so it's virtually impossible to watch it alone unless you are alone in the house!