Sunday, March 06, 2011

No reading, no writing

I miss blogging.  I miss reading and commenting on blogs.   The best I have been able to do the past few weeks has been to scan a few blogs in my reader but I have rarely stopped into the real thing to say hello.

Sometimes life is just busy, and sometimes there are mental or emotional distractions that make it impossible to write a book review or think about home organization projects.   Sometimes there's just nothing to say, or so much it's too hard to figure out.

Maybe soon I'll write about our last robotics competition, or about the seminarian's upcoming graduation, or about the fantastic art projects my kids have been doing.  I've been reading, a little, and have some books I'd like to comment on.   I've been cleaning and getting rid of stuff so maybe I'll jump back into the 52-week challenge. 

I guess this is a placeholder post till I have some real content.

And a hello to the people who (I hope) still have me in their reader.  I'll be back to your place soon too!


Sheryl said...

You'll always be in my reader. :-)

Maria said...

You've been the blog world and the real world :)

Crystal Jeffers said...

I am right there with you! My life has just been so busy that its hard to compose blogs or comment on all of them, or even read all the ones that I am interested in. I hope that your able to slow down and enjoy blogging soon.

Sandy said...

You're still in my reader. I'd rather be awesome in real life than on my blog, if I have to choose.

Kerri said...

Aww, you know I'll always check in ..eventually. I'm the queen of the blogging break! :)