Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Two things I should have been able to predict, but failed to:

1.  Whenever we embark on a new routine, project, or other changeup in our homeschooling, the kids get sick. Seriously.  How's that forced independence going, you might ask?   Ha!  Amidst the coughing and nose blowing and sinus washing, we're reading and discussing The Odyssey. We all love it. The math and other independent work?  Um, this sickness can't possibly last till next week.  Right? 

This happens all the time.  Seriously, I believe that this is God's way of asking me "do you really think you are in control?"   I've always said that I wish I could give my kids a full education just by reading to them.  So at least we're doing what we love.

 2.  Whenever I decide to clean out my blog reader and get serious about my computer time, I find new blogs to fill it right back up again.   Here are my new favorites:

Good Morning Girls is a Christian site for women (not young girls).  I started following their study in the book of James yesterday. They're almost finished, but thanks to the magic of the internet I can catch up.  It's perfect for me right now, in the state of mind and the stage of life I'm in.  

The Gypsy Mama hosts the Friday Minute Friday meme I discovered last week.  She's led a fascinating life and has a lot of good things to say. Lots of baby pics, too!

MexiMoxie is by a young woman preparing for the missions field.  She'll be going to Mexico, and she talks about that and shares recipes for delicious food too.

The blog list on the sidebar that shrank recently?  Growing again.

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Sandy said...

That always happens to me too! I trim down my blog list and then it grows by the previous number plus two...or ten...more. I was just on Good Morning Girls before I stopped here. I think I followed a link...maybe I should take another look.