Saturday, April 02, 2011

The evolution of Saturdays

Some time ago, in another life, Saturday was the day to sleep in.  Sunday was too, I think.  In those days before marriage and kids, when going to church didn't seem very important, when Friday night was for staying out late, weekends were for doing... not much of anything.

That time seems awfully far away now.  Sometimes I can't even believe those days existed.

Today I think I achieved my as-close-to-perfect-as-it's-going-to-get  Saturday morning:

Up early, about 6:30.  Some of you are snorting in derision; 6:30 is early enough for me, right now.

The internet.   I admit I start my day by checking email, facebook, the weather...  I might catch up on a little correspondence. 

A cup of tea.  I like coffee in the morning, but when I'm up alone tea is easier and quieter.  Our house is small, so I need to be quiet on my Saturday mornings. 

My Bible and notebook. I've been playing catch-up with the James Bible study that is almost over at Good Morning Girls.  I don't know if they will be starting a new study later this month, but I want to be ready if they do.   Also, I'm enjoying it so much - it's just exactly what I need right now - that I don't want to slow down.  I rely on Monergism for commentary and sermons if I want more help with a passage of Scripture. 

Other books, if there is time.  I'm starting to read Desiring God, thanks to this discovery yesterday.  Or maybe a good novel.

Music, usually via Pandora radio.   I have a chamber music station that I can play softly while I read.  

Unless there is some activity for which I need to get my family up, I usually have 1 to 1/2 hours on my own.  If I use this time well, I am very satisfied and content and happy to see my family when they get up.

If I don't use it well - if instead of reading, I randomly mess around on the internet, reading too many blogs and blog comments, checking out youtube videos or reading news stories that are irrelevant to me, or if I just stay in bed too long and get a late start - I am annoyed by my family's rising.  I hear their footsteps above me and grumble inside my head. 

Which way do you think is the better start to the day?

This morning I was happy to hear the seminarian getting up.  We enjoyed a nice breakfast together and let the kids sleep.  

A few months ago I started trying out a regular Saturday post, my Saturday morning journal.  I took a blogging break and gave it up.  Maybe I'll start again.

How is your Saturday going?

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wayside wanderer said...

It is really quiet here. It is just me, my youngest and the dog. My husband and Boy Scout left early to go practice canoeing for an upcoming canoe camp out, oldest dd had to be at work early, oldest son gets up early every morning and goes to the local Starbucks to write for a couple of hours. I only hear the sound of the washing machine while I sit here reading and sipping coffee.

I like your plan and I think 6:30 is very early! ;)