Sunday, July 03, 2011

Mean blogger

So someone told me (privately, of course) that I was a mean blogger the other day, when I commented on seeing a homeschool portfolio with the child's picture on the front when I was at the school district office picking up my own portfolios.  Here is what I said:
As I was walking out, one last binder caught my eye.  The cover sported a photo of a cute smiling boy.  I recognized him from some homeschool activities; I don't really know his family but we have crossed paths a few times.   If I wanted to be a mean person, I would point out that that portfolio looked like the cover of the stereotypical homeschool magazines we all love to mock. If you are a homeschooler, you know what I'm talking about - the one with the child joyfully doing math or helping a younger sibling with a science experiment, maybe with a smiling mom in the background, all perfectly coiffed and wearing cute plaid shirts or jumpers.
That was mean?  Really?  I said the boy was cute!  (He was.)

I guess I will give a nonapologetic politician-style apology and say:

I'm sorry if anyone was offended.   It was meant as a light-hearted sort of commentary, and was my true first reaction on seeing the photo. 

I don't hate you if you put a photo of your kid on his portfolio.  I don't understand you, but that's OK. You don't understand me either.   Fair enough?


Susan (HomeGrownKids) said...

Marbel, you're mean.

LOL, sorry I just couldn't resist ;)

DADvocate said...

For someone people, anything but glowing praise for any and everything is being mean. If you're mean, they don't want to meet me. Virtually everyone considers my a nice guy, but I am prone to sarcasm.

Beside, we need a little meanness in this world. Seriously.