Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My free cheese story

Today I was tasked with contributing to a reception at church.  I was supposed to bring cheese.

Since I hadn't planned on going to the store today and didn't need anything else, I decided to go to the closest store. That's the only thing good about it - it's close. It's also poorly stocked, has poor produce, and high prices on most things.  But I figured they would have some sort of spreadable cheese.

Their selection was slim but I did see some tubs of cheese on special - buy one get one free!  So I took two tubs, swung by the cracker aisle and picked up some Wheat Thins or something, and got in the long express line.  I wasn't sure I was supposed to bring crackers but didn't want to show up with cheese and no way to eat it.

As I stood in line I wondered if I would have a problem with my buy-one-get-one-free cheese. I have had a lot of problems with sale items in that store.   And sure enough, when the cashier rang up my order, I was charged for two tubs of cheese.  I started to protest but the guy stopped me:  "Is this on sale?" "Yes."  "OK, let me go check."  Oh man, here we go.  I had to tell him where the cheese was and he ran off.  I apologized to the lady right behind me.  She was gracious.

The cashier came back quickly enough and told me that I was right.  Yeah, I knew that. So he fiddled with the transaction and told me my total was $1.99.  What?! That was just for the crackers.  I said "you still need to charge me for one thing of cheese."

No, it turns out he did not.  He told me that because of the error, I got the first tub of cheese free. The 2nd tub was free because of the sale (which was really over, but the sign was still on the shelf).  So I got $15 worth of cheese for nothing. 

Can't beat a deal like that! 

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