Saturday, January 14, 2012

The dangers of Goodreads

A long time ago I signed up for Goodreads, because it looked like something I should sign up for, and then promptly forgot about it.  Actually, I think I played around with it a little, plugged in a book or two, and then forgot about it.  I remembered my account again, many months later, when a friend asked me if I could be found there.  Oops, I could,  so I logged in and friended her.  Then another friend popped in, so I had two friends at Goodreads, and started getting email with their updates.  In turn, I started adding a few more books so I wouldn't bore my two friends when they ran into me there.

Now, I have a small but growing list of books in my to-read file.  And a large pile of library books on my living room floor.  (Sometimes I forget to put the books in the to-read file and go straight to the library website to request them.)  

I didn't lack for reading material before Goodreads, but I surely have no excuses now!  One list leads to another and there is always something intriguing, isn't there? 

Of course having access to more good books doesn't mean reading more, does it?

How would I find you on Goodreads?


Sandy said...

I know! Now I want to know what all my friends are reading all the time, lest I miss out on some literary gem. Really bad is the option to update your progress as you read through a book. The box-checker in me just loves to see that progress bar getting longer and longer until I can finally click 'I'm finished!'. I had goodreads attached to my Twitter account until I realized they send out those progress updates. Who wants to know what page I'm on in Oliver Twist? I'm guessing no one, so I took that feature off. I hated to though, since the one time I did have a progress update on Twitter, the author started following me. At any rate, I try to make reading time a priority so that I don't spend more time on goodreads than I do on actual books. Oh, dear. Am I one of those friends who led to that pile of books on your floor? If I am, somehow I'm not sorry. :)

Marbel said...

Why yes, Sandy, you are! And no, you shouldn't be sorry! :-)

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