Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Back in the real world

Oops, I mean the virtual world. We had internet access in motels during our cross-country move but it took a long time to get set up at home.

We've been spending our time unpacking, trying to fit everything into our new (and much smaller) house, finding the library, grocery stores, and all that stuff. Got together with the new homeschool group at a park day and met some kids. Are learning to deal with hot humid weather.

I noticed that I did not do a monthly reading post for June. Well, that's OK because I didn't read anything. I had lots of plans for reading to the kids along the way but we just drove and drove. We finally finished Johnny Tremain this morning. J had been in a slump but since losing computer privileges for a week he's rediscovered the joy of books and has read The Castle in the Attic by Elizabeth Winthrop, and Knight's Castle by Edward Eager. We have lots more E. Eager books and the sequel to the Winthrop book, but I can't find those book boxes yet. E just keeps finding stuff to read, even if it's a craft book. I can't think of anything she's finished.

I have barely picked up my Bible, let alone done any other reading. But the bookcases are filling up and the craving to read has started....

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Mrs. Darling said...

Goodness I didnt recognize your name on my blog. So you've arrived hu? Whats the house like? Do you think you're going to like it there?